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You are doing just fine dear. Your dd will let you know when she wants to eat and how much. If she is fine and not loosing weight then do not fret.

I have a dd that will be 3 Aug 20th(3rd child). She is 36 lbs and is still in the 97th percentile since she was 8 weeks old. She is in 5T clothes and looks like she is about 4-5 years old. I also have a ds who is 4 (2nd child)and he is in the 50th percentile. My 1st born ds12 who was in 25th and my dd1 year (4th child) is in the 25th as well.

DD going on 3 STILL drinks from a bottle(we dont care, we know its because of the baby just like 2nd did to 3rd so we're ok with it. she drinks fine from a cup) and I measure her amoutn of liquids. I only give Milk or water in my house. Orange juice is a treat and cranberry juice is special treat . So dd3 drinks about 10 bottles a day 8 ounces each. Now of course she eats her food but at 9months of age my dd3 didnt want jar food. She went from breast then at 3months formula, then jar food but once she had teeth she refused jar food. She only wanted crust from pizza, pasta( i only give at that age the spagetti not the ziti or anything like that). I had to cut up tiny tiny pieces of chicken for her and give her peas and corn just like we ate.

My dd1 is just the same. Tonight she had , chicken i cut it up then mushed it up in my fingers and put it on her plate. She had peas tonight and yogurt. I let her eat the peas and chicken by herself BUT the yogurt I gave her. LOL

Every child is different and as long as your pediatrician says she is gaining or at least maintaining her weight she should be fine. If she wants her bottle then just give it to her. Have you tried making a milk shake and giving that to her. My ped said it was ok to take the formula you would normally take(formula shoudl be warm), add a little cereal to it , then add a fruit or a veggie and mix well(i use a fork) , take that and put it into her bottle. I make the hole in the bottle just a bit bigger. And yes you will go through many bottles before you get the hole right so next time you go make sure you get the latex ones as they are less likely to tear like the silicone ones do.

dont forget that if you do this you still have to give her regular bottles of just milk. I only do this in the morning feeding and afternoon. Night time she eats pretty well. then she gets milk in between that stuff.

good luck dear.

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