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Re: Milk Allergy??
Jul 23, 2007
Hi there -

We had MAJOR issues with my daughter and noticed them about one week after she came home from the hospital (she has been formula fed since day one). She was VERY gassy, would scream from the gas pains, was VERY fussy - it was just a horrible time. We kept switching formulas - from regular Enfamil to Soy brands to hypoallergenic Enfamil (Nutramagen) and the Similac version (Allamentum) - absolutely nothing helped. We finally took her to a gasto specialist and they checked her stool - although to the eye, it looked fine other than a bit watery, she tested positive for blood in her stool which was an allergy of some sort. She was diagnosed with a protein allergy and they said she it was basically irritating her intestines so much it was causing the blood in her stool and for her to be so uncomfortable. We then had to be switched to a prescription formula - the proteins in the formula are really broken down for easier digestion, even more so that the Enfamil and Similac hypoallergenic formulas. The first formula constipated her so we were then switched to another it's called Elecare and it has helped IMMENSELY! We are unsure which protein she is allergic to, but the gastro dr. told us that a lot of babies have this issue when they are young and do eventually outgrow it. I've got my fingers crossed.

Prior to knowing that this was a protein allergy, the doctors thought she had acid reflux and put her on Prilosec. It just didn't seem to help at all, and was very difficult to give to her because she kept trying to spit it out. Once we had her formula right, we realized it was not acid reflux and stopped giving her the Prilosec, and trust me when I tell you, she is a whole new baby.

The prescription formulas are expensive, but a lot are covered by insurance. We are lucky because in our state, insurance has to cover prescription formulas 100% which is a lifesaver because the formula is $50 per can and they prescribe 20 cans per month!

Good luck with the gastro dr. I hope you find out what's going on. I know how horrible it is to not know and to go through this. Let us know what happens. :)

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