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Between 18 months and 24 months children go through a sleep phase shift. They hit an extremely active sleep phase where they dream alot. These can manifest in night terrors, insomnia, and unwillingness to go to sleep, etc. Most children go through this phase. You can try giving the child chamomile tea mixed with milk or honey to relax him/her. My son went throught this.. it took 3 months to get over it. It wasn't until we all started seeing a sleep specialist that we learned about the sleep phase thing. A lot of things change in a child about the age of 2. But to give you perspective.. think of how you would feel if you had never had a dream that you could remember then suddenly you started to dream. It doesn't matter what about.. many times dreams are abstract and detached.. wierd even. The strangeness of dreams can be very frightening to the child. Try talking to them and reading them pleasant stories. Do not let them see TV with in 2 hours of bed time. I have a sleep hygiene post on the sleep disorders board it is a summary of the sleep etiquette recommended by sleep specialists. Following it always helped my son relax.

Best of luck to you.

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