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[QUOTE=liloulou;3118159]I can only imagine how hard that must be... I wish you well with your pregnancy though.
Maybe if you feel guilty about feeding your toddler those meals all of the time, you could make a lasagna or something large on a Sunday that will last at least for a few days so you won't have to make meals. Then supplement with the Gerber meals.
Or if you have the time and energy (that's obviously the key here) you could also try spending a few hours at Let's Dish (or the equivalent). You'll have to look up if there's one in your area. Essentially you prepare food in advance there and then just cook it up at home when you need it. It's a great outing with girlfriends too so you'd kill two birds with one stone (seeing girlfriends, getting meals for home made).
I made these suggestions because as one other posted said, two kids are going to keep you really busy so I'm thinking long-term ideas here.
Good luck!
ps> don't know if those meals are healthy or not by the way... ;)[/QUOTE]

as one who seriously HATES to cook, i have to agree with the above advice. take one day during the week and cook up something that will last as long as you can stretch it!!! some other things i gave my daughter (my girls are exactly two years apart, so i can relate a little!)... that i could either grab and serve, or throw together in 5 minutes, or cook up one day to last the week...

hot dogs (turkey franks)
mandarin oranges
cheese cubes
pineapple chunks
tropical fruit (canned)
grilled chicken (the small foreman grill works great here-- takes NO time, and it doesn't feel like you're cooking!)
pancakes (a lot of mixes only have to add water)
kidney beans (weird, but my 19 month old loves them!)
pasta shells/twirls
instant oatmeal
cooked carrots (slice a couple of carrots, add a tsp water, a tsp brown sugar, throw in microwave for 5 minutes - until soft - sooo good!)

just a few ideas... totally understand how you're feeling! have no clue about the gerber foods, except they're slightly more expensive than just throwing something together at home (this is according to my husband who has NEVER BEEN PREGNANT - dumb MAN!)... i think sometimes it's worth paying a little extra when you're just feeling crappy! i can't tell you how many times i considered just letting my kid have marshmallows and a poptart for dinner (came close once, but didn't do it...)! :)

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