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juniorsmommy, what exactly happens at night when your son is waking up? what does he do, and what do you do in response? i was just remembering a phase my oldest went through where she would get up and open up her door and just stand there peeking out trying to see what we were doing. we'd go get her and lecture her about bedtime, and hug her and snuggle her and do the whole routine several times a night. then there was a "supernanny" marathon on one day (that show makes me grateful for the few little issues my kids actually have!!!), and supernanny's method was to simply pick the kids up and put them back in their beds without saying a word, no hugs or kisses or anything. just put them in and walk out. she probably did this in at least 7 out of 10 shows that day!!! even though i was skeptical, we tried her method (i would tell my daughter, "okay, talking time is over now. if you get up again, mommy and daddy are not going to talk to you because it's sleeping time. we'll talk again in the morning."). i was shocked, but the supernanny method actually works!

as far as the television, if you think it might be part of the problem, you might pick a time during the day when he is as reasonable as you can expect from a not quite two year old, and "break" the tv. once it's "broken" you can take it out of his room and replace it with a brand new "big boy" nightlight that he can go pick out at the store. or something like that.

anyway, i hate that you are going through this! not sleeping AND dealing with two kids is just HARD!

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