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hi ,, yes,, me again :D

some of you may remember i posted a while ago that my son has really bad eczema, to the point that it was weeping. back then he only had it on his cheeks and arms, the dr gave me some anti biotics, aqueous cream, diprobase and oilatum (the oilatum i HIGHLY recommend) well that was three weeks ago. and for the past week his eczema has started to weep again, but now he has it ALL over, we have to keep him in these sleepsuits that have built in scratch mits as he is always trying to scratch,, its so itchy for him. well i took him to the dr's again today but this time i saw another doc who was very sympathetic and helpful. he has given us a bumper load of cream but this time also gave us fucidin h cream which is fucidic acid and hydrocortisone cream. He also gave us some antibitotics, i was just about to give him some when i noticed it said to dose him with 5mls,, when last time it was only 2.5mls so i called the dr (a dif doc) who said 5mls is way to much for a 4 month old and to give him 2.5

i dread to think what would have happened if i gave him 5 mls :dizzy:

we have to go back in a week whatever happens, but i think this time if it doesnt clear up im going to demand to see a dermatologist.
You go girl! (have i mentioned this week how much I dislike doc's who blow us off?)

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