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My little girl was the same way on one of her formulas. Memorial Day weekend was a lonnnnnnnnng weekend because she was so uncomfortable with the gas and the pains. The doctors had us try a few things - some pear juice (1 oz of juice to 1 oz of water twice a day); told us to try Little Tummies or Milk of Magnesia too but that didn't give her relief either. I ended up using a suppository, but that was only a temporary fix and the doctor didn't want us to do this on a regular basis because the baby may become dependent on them. By the end of the long weekend, my little one had an x-ray and it showed that she was completely backed up - her little bowels were completely full, so her formula was finally switched again and we've had no issues since. Since she is so little, it may be time to try a different formula.

Good luck - I feel for you both right now because it's so hard to see your little one in such discomfort.
Our ped. always said 1/2 - 1 oz of prune juice either mixed with 1 oz of water or added to formula was ok. Works like a charm for both of my kids, but be prepared for a possible explosion :D

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