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Anyway, my question is, when did you start your child on cereal more than once a day and at what point did you start to add fruits or vegetables to it? I get so many different opinions from people on this that I'm really confused. Some say to start slowing adding a vegetable now - some say she should be eating cereal two to three times a day at this point, and then others say wait another month or so before adding more food. I'm just curious what others have done. I'm a first time mom and confused as heck.


"expert" opinions change ALL the time, so yeah, it's hard to know what to believe anymore! just remember that all babies are different and there really isn't any one right answer here.

for my own two girls, i never really did plain cereal - i put it in their nighttime bottles, but didn't really spoon feed it to them. i started both my girls on cereal and jar food at 4 months. i think my first was eating about 2 jars a day (with cereal mixed in) by the time she was 5 months old. my second was doing well if she even finished a whole jar in a day, and then she didn't want to eat jar food the next day! i mixed all their size 1 jar foods with cereal (and most size 2 jars too) to thicken it up so it was easier for them to eat.

as far as fruit or vegetables first, i don't think it matters. we started with applesauce, and introduced something new about every third day or so. now at ages 3 1/2 and 20 months, both my girls eat all kinds of veggies and fruits and love them both (my three year old actually eats spinach and loves it! and my toddler will pass on cookies so that she can eat her broccoli!).

anyway, you'll hear a million different opinions here, and none of them are going to be wrong. my advice is to get some ideas from what you read in this thread and then just experiment until you find what works best for your baby. :)

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