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hey everyone, first time on this thread. my daugher just turned 18 months today and she got the DTap and HepA today. She had a slight cold, runny nose and coughing, but the doctor went ahead and said it was ok for her to get immunizations done. she wasn't running a fever when we got there for this cold has been for about a week now. but now that we got home, she got the shots like 2 hours ago, she fell asleep and has a 100.2 temperature now. i even gave her some tylenol before the appointment, hoping to subside with the fever. but now that i'm reading online about immunizations, it says they shouldn't get fevers from it. is this true? cuz everytime my daughter got shots, she gets a fever. i'm just working myself up, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
thanks for the input. well while my daughter was taking a nap...i was here trying to do some research on fevers and immunizations. just as she was awake quietly, she was standing up on the chair just looking at my back. she was smiling and that was a sign of RELIEF on my end. i always get myself worked up when it comes to my kids. thinking of all these miserable things that could happen. but all is good now, i fed her dinner, she ate a cookie and now drinking some juice. thanks so much.
My son did have an allergic reaction to the DPaT serum which resulted in fevers as high as 104-105 and siezures, this was at his 2 month vaccinations That ER trip was hell and we were so scared. The Er doctor managed to confirm the serum allergy and sure enough I hadn't been thinking, I was allergic to the same blasted vaccine as well. We just hope to avoid dyptheria and whooping cough in the future :). Tetanus vaccines are fine.. go figure. This is obviously not what is going on with your little one, be glad.

This is my two cents worth, because even after cutting back to just the DT/T versus DPaT vaccine, we always ran fevers and got sick with sinus infections after vaccinations. So keep an eye on the fever, while they shouldn't get what they are vaccinated for.. it does cause a depression of their immune systems and makes them susceptible to secondary infections like sinus and ear infections. Since your child had a cold going into the immunizations, I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't transition into a sinus infection. If the fever keeps up at 99.4-100.4 for four days get anti-biotics and she is coughing and breathing hard and still doing the cold symptom thing, you have text book sinus infection signs.


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