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At four months old my dd started a newish routine and began sleeping through the night.
Our routine is bath time, read a book and nurse, then put in crib to sleep.
That routine has developed over a ew months however. She always liked her bath and sometimes sat still for the book. She loved to nurse and often fell asleep and I ended up putting her to bed asleep already.
I started nursing her to the point where she was almost asleep and then put her in her crib. Then, maybe a little less, and less and less until now at 7 months she goes down (with hardly any fussing at all) fully awake but tired. I never had to do the cry-it-out for more than 2-3 minutes.
I found giving her a feeding right before bed allowed her to become more drowsy and also kept her asleep the entire night.
At four-months we stopped the 3am feeding and gave her a pacifier instead.
Hope this helps.

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