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Today was DS's 2 month appt. Hard to believe he is this old already, but 4 weeks of it was spent in the hospital (he was born at 31 weeks gestation). A while back he had blood in his stool, and it was confirmed as a milk protein allergy. We thought it was just from the milk-based Enfamil Enfacare that was added to my breastmilk for him to grow faster. I noticed that the blood gradually went away, and he was doing well, not as fussy and sleeping great! Now, today, I noticed more blood (a speck) and the pedi told me to either eliminate dairy completely from my diet or change over to Enfamil Nutrimagen Formula (hypoallergenic). This formula does contain a milk protein (casein) but is formulated to be easier to digest. I sit here totally at a loss for what to do. I know that breastmilk is best, he is my last baby, and I want to nurse. BUT I am a HUGE dairy girl. I read a list of products that I couldn't eat for the next 6+months and I just don't know if I can do it. The pedi gave me a sample of the formula and she said to do what I feel is necessary. To be honest, my supply is going down, my back supply is going down, and he eats like a little piggy. When he was in NICU, I had a wonderful supply. He is very uninterested in nursing, and my supply is diminishing b/c of it. question is: should I eliminate dairy? How expensive is this going to be? I don't have a lot of money to get "supplements" and "clean" foods all the time. Tofu, Soy, etc...I have been under ALOT of stress, as our house (which burned last January) is coming to an end of being completed, and moving in this weekend. I hardly ever get the chance to pump, between diaper changes, feedings...and taking care of my VERY demanding 3 year old. 6 hours will pass and I will realize that I haven't pumped at all! I have started him on the formula...but I feel so guilty, that I am depriving my son of my milk (which he is doing VERY well on otherwise), but I know that millions of babies (including myself) were/are on formula. I turned out just fine. He could care less about nursing, so is this just another sign that I should stop? I am so confused, and don't want to be seen as a bad mom. I feel grateful that I got to pump and give him me for the last 2 months. The other BIG downer is that I have a huge supply in the freezer that is now unusable. I worked SOOO hard to build that up so that he would have food, and now it will be wasted...such a shame. I have so many emotions, including that I just have started to feel connected to him, and now this happens! I have cried and cried and now I am lost. Please help. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!:confused: :confused: :confused:

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