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just want to give you my two cents. i believe i started at 6 weeks giving my son rice cereal. I did it by spoon though. put him in his car seat & fed him like that. everyone will tell you not to. especially on this forum. im telling you he ate it like a champ. it was a nightmare with some of those thicker formulas to try to get him to suck them through the nipple holes. i cant imagine trying rice cereal through one. my doc told me to do it for acid reflux. we tried every formula for spit ups etc. he would spit up practically everything he drank. Now we are settled on isomil advance formula soy for fussiness gas & spit up. also, i mix the formula in a cup with a spoon to stir & i use dr. browns bottles. if you shake it & put it in most bottles you get granules at the bottle of the bottle that get stuck & babies get frustrated. i bought every single bottle out there & this one works best for gas. my boy only needs to burp twice for each 4 ounce bottle now at 10 weeks. my boy just had his two month check up & hes 12 pounds. His poops are fine. i did start with just one rice cereal ounce of formula 2 spponfuls of cereal in a bowl & have him drink the remainder of the three ounces. that helped Im sure. take everything you read on here with a grain of salt.....


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