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This is hte age that they want to eat things that arent pureed. LOL

My 1 year old (july24th) started eating this way at about 10 months old. She wouldnt eat anything but those zweiback cookies. (basically it was toast to fit in their hands)

I did take some chicken that I made for the family or hamburger meat or what ever i made and put it into the food processor till it was chopped good, if it was too dry i added just a bit of water. I would make it so I could make it into balls and give it to her. She would shove those things into her mouth like they were going out of style., I also gave her macarroni. And crackers, and yogurt. I also learned taht I had to give her a spoon of her own and ONLY use a steal spoon for her if i was going to feed her so she wouldnt clamp down on it. LOL She played and was distracted with her own spoon and I fed her. But every day was something different. Like she wanted applesauce one day but not hte next. If you want you can add a little cereal to her formula and make sure the nipple is big enough for the little that you put in to get out through the whole. But be around when you give it to her as some people dont think that we should do that.

Have you tried giving her thawed out frozen veggies like peas and carrots and just put them on her table and let her eat them. (you should always be right there in case she chokes up anything) At this stage they choke on their own spit. :( But sometimes they forget to mash it and just swolow and can scare us and we say OMG are you ok and they look at us an laugh.

She is only a year old and doesnt really need to drink juice or water at this point. So maybe just stick to her milk and nothing more. YOu might be giving her to many liquids and therefore she isnt as hungry when you sit her down to eat.

My dd couldnt have a bottle first thing in the morning,i had to give her her breakfast first or else she wouldnt eat, then when she was done she would drink a whole bottle of milk. You might want to try cutting down on the other types of liquid. Even if it means giving her more milk that is fine or even formula. they can have formula after they are a year old it is ok and actually most formulas have so much more in them that regular milk does. I still gave all of mine formula as well as regular milk till they were 3 and my pediatrician said fine. Oh and it was cheaper too to feed formula by the powder and give hte milk during breakfast and stuff. My kids ONLY drink milk or water. I don't allow them to drink other stuff as there is no need for it. On the occastion i give juice but not often. And although they have drank soda I dont keep that in the house either.

good luck dear.

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