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Funny you mention this -- I just had my 9 month old at the doctor for this today!

It started on 6 days ago with a bout of diarreha for 1 day. Then, two days later fever of 102.5 to 104. Doctor's office initially told me to alternate motrin and tylenol. Fever went up to 104 over the weekend, so to the ER we went. All they did there was give her higher doses of motrin and tylenol.

Day 5 the spots appeared (mild) on her trunk and head, and the fever went away. So, after doing some internet research I figured it was classic Roseola. Day 6 starts with the spots the same as the previous day, but as the day progresses they show up on her legs and groin, too, and look much worse when we're running errands and she's in and out of the car on a hot, hot day.

Today I got her in to see the doctor and he said the same thing... probably viral, not measles or meningitis. Especially with the diarreha and fever symptoms (though they appeared separetly)... We go back on Thursday for a follow up and her 9 month wellbaby checkup.

Must be something sweeping across the country. We figured it was totally possible it was measles since she hasn't had the MMR yet and we travelled through the Detroit airport about a week before this started. I'm glad to know it's just viral..

Oh, and otherwise DD is a little irritable and she's decreased her eating by about 50% (solids and formula both).

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