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My son is completely on table foods and he is 8 months old. He doesnt really like baby food that much so I found myself giving him mushed up versions of what we were eating and he took to it really well so we stuck with it.

He also only has his two bottom teeth, but he learned to chew with his gums much quicker than I was expecting. He has: Cut up strawberries, small pieces of banana, pear and apples that have been semi boiled and segmented. He has pieces of soft veggies or sometimes i roughly chop them and feed them to him. His favorite meal is avocado heated in the pan with garlic and chopped ham. He also likes eggs scrambled or boiled and chopped. Sometimes I put some grated cheese through the egg, or through his veggies to add flavor without adding salt. The chopped ham does the same thing. For breakfast he has cereal - whatever we're having nutra grain is his favourite, or cheerios or weetbix. I just soften them all with hot water and then drain and add milk. He also likes toast and bread and biccies. Sometimes yoghurt and custard, our brands whatever were eating.

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