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Okay a week ago (today), my son woke up with a MAJOR diaper rash. I have tried the following....different diapers, wipes, no wipes (washclothes), desitin, triple antibiotic, hydrocortisone cream, soaking baths, bare bottom, doctor prescribed: bactroban and Nystatin cream. I am now currently trying triple paste and baby cornstarch powder. I am at my wits end, it is so bad that it has bled (not severly, but his poor little bum is so raw!). I am praying that this new stuff will work (the triple paste has a "guarantee"). I have another doc appt on Wednesday. BUT everytime I change him he cries and it hurts him. I am as gentle as I can be...change him often. I am just lost. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated! He is on a new Formula, Nutrimegin (a hypoallergenic formula for milk allergy). BUT that seems weird that that would irritate him when it is such a gentle formula. Thanks for any input! :) I just want his bum normal again!
I fed my son yogurt a little too early and he had a horrible diaper rash. I, too, used the triple paste stuff and it worked like the next day. I think too it would be wierd for a super-hypoallergenic formula to do that, but you never know. Does he have diarreha? A virus?

I would keep him bare as long as you can and use the triple paste. Make sure you dry him completely first before putting it on. I didn't use any powder though.

Good luck. Ahhh, I know, poor baby. You know it just has to hurt.
I tried the triple paste and had no luck. My son also had the bleeding diaper rash. We had been at the beach and he was so distracted with playing in the sand that he never told me that he had pooped in his swim diaper. When I took it off of him when we got back to the house, his rash was severe. It bled for days and the triple paste did nothing for him. The only thing that works on his rashes is Desitin OVERNIGHT. NOT the regular stuff, but the overnight formula. I find that when my kids teeth, (Even molars), they get rashes.
So far the Triple Paste has not worked. I am going to try letting him go bare buns tomorrow for the majority of the day. I really think that will help. I am also going to try the baking soda! The Viva paper towels is a good idea too, as I cannot keep up with washing the baby washclothes! I think part of the problem is that I am not sticking with one thing before trying another. Always Desitin would work with my DD, so I am not sure why these aren't working. I have another appt with the doc Wednesday so if it is still persistant, maybe there will be some other kind of treatment, even oral. I really don't think it is viral, b/c he is fine otherwise. I feel that it is the formula, and that scares me, b/c that means we will probably have to switch to the next step up, which is 50 dollars per can! I pray that if that happens WIC or his insurance will pay for it! Thanks for all the advice...I am praying his little bum heals soon.
poor baby! diaper rashes are just awful! is formula the only new thing you've used with him lately? i know with my daughters, switching diapers irritated them, using generic wipes irritated them, and yes, the "gentle" formula did terrible things to my little one!

the only way to get a diaper rash that advanced to heal is to get it to dry out. have you tried running a hair dryer over his bottom with each diaper change? we used to have to do this with my younger daughter and it worked wonders! just be careful to keep the hair dryer set on warm or cool and not hot!!! i always keep one hand down near baby's bottom area where the dryer is blowing so i can feel how hot it is blowing. anyway, we ended up buying a hair dryer specifically to keep on the changing table because we used it so often on my baby girl!

as far as the triple paste not working.... are you certain this isn't a yeast rash? the only rash triple paste didn't work on for us was a yeast rash. we ended up applying a layer of antifungal creme and then a layer of triple paste on top of it with each diaper change.... after the hair dryer...

definitely dump baking soda in his bath water, and definitely don't use wipes unless you rinse them out first (the paper towels are a great idea!).

good luck! :)
I have bought the Viva towels, and have given him baths with baking soda. I also have been letting his butt dry entirely before putting ANY creams on. It is looking somewhat better, but when I go to the docs on Wed, I am going to ask for something better. I think it may be yeast infection (the doc said she wasn't 100% sure), or the formula. I don't know what to do if it is the formula!! Like I said he is on the Nutramagin formula and it costs 25 dollars per can....then next step is 50 dollars. So, I am praying that we can do this without switching! Thanks again for all the advice. I am doing everything possible, and I just feel so bad for him!

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