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Re: Bad Diaper Rash
Aug 30, 2007
Thank you all for your comments. It did seem to get better overnight, but when I put him back in disposables it came right back. So, the cloth diapers are in the wash. I'll be using them until it gets better. As for changing him more often, I think if I canged him any more often I'd be better off giving him a bed pan, lol. I change him as SOON as he dirties himself, which is upward of 12 times a day. Ever since he got switched to formula he can't STAND a dirty diaper. I wonder if its the change from breastmilk to formula that's causing this rash. Well, I hope it gets better soon. He just doesn't feel very well. :confused:
Re: Bad Diaper Rash
Aug 31, 2007
Thanks for the ideas everyone. I've thought about the triple paste. Unfortunately, all extra funds go to formula (Nutramigen + we weren't planning to formula feed :( ) and we don't qualify for WIC. As far as cornstarch, that's the kind of baby powder I use, I won't use talcum powder. The dust is so fine it can be inhaled and cause lung problems. I really don't mind cloth diapering at all. I actually was planning on cloth diapering all along. The only reason I ever used disposables was that little man over there came home weighing only 4lbs 9oz, so a cloth diaper just wasn't cutting it. They were all WAY too big. Anyway it's getting better. I'm just letting him flap in the breeze as much as possible until it heals. I think he got it because I changed him from Breastmilk to formula. He was gradually weaned over, but when it became 100% formula his little tushie took a beating. The poor guy. He seems quite happy now. Again, thanks for all your ideas.
[QUOTE=luckydarlin;3188046]My daughter was on Nutramigen and ended up with what I thought was a terrible diaper rash but we found out that she had a protein allergy and the rash was her body reacting to the forumla. Once we switched, it cleared up. I'm sure it's completely unrelated to what is going on with your little one, but just wanted to throw it out there.

Good luck to you and the little one with the sore bottom.[/QUOTE]

Honestly, he's on the Nutramigen because he appears to not be able to tolerate protein. He hasn't been tested for an acutal allergy as the projectile vomiting was reason enough for his doctor to switch him. Anyway, if it doesn't go away soon I'll call his doctor. I get it healed to a certain point and then it just kind of stays like that, until I get lazy and throw a disposable diaper on him. Then it goes back to sunburn red and oozy. No more getting lazy for me. It's cloth, all the way, even on outings. I'm giving all my disposables to my sister. I'm just keeping a handful for when he goes into the hospital in a couple weeks. BLAH I just hope this gets better, SOON! He's miserable. Thanks for the thought on it being the formula. His vomiting has been IMMENSLY better, but this is brand new. I never would have thought of it.
My guy has gotten worse. I am seriously thinking that if it doesn't look somewhat better in a couple days, I will try the cloth diaper thing. I hate to, just b/c he is my last baby and to have to spend all that money at one time is just so hard, BUT I want this gone! He has two new spots that are oozy and red (like you described). He is also on Nystatin and Bactroban cream, and I have tried A+D ointment--seemed to get worse, I have tried Baking soda, Desitin (both creamy and the regular has more zinc in it), I let him be bare bottom for the majority of today...and will see if that has helped in the morning. It is just bugging me...this has last 2 WEEKS! I am trying everything in my mommy book and then some. I even bought the Mylanta (I know Maalox was recommended, but the Mylanta has the exact same ingredients!), and that hasn't helped. I am going to call the doc again tomorrow. I just hate to keep taking him, but there has to be something else going on. I really know it is the formula. My son also has protein allergy (or is assumed, and there is NO TEST for this...just to keep adding proteins back into his diet). So, I am wondering if the proteins that are in this are effecting him. Sigh. I am just so heartbroken for him! If anyone has any other suggestions, I would appreciate it. :)
Thanks! I have been given Nystatin (in case it was yeast)...I have not used wipes on him (only in a pinch) since the rash started...I have used Viva paper towels, as I kept running the washer for a few washclothes! I haven't tried the hairdryer, as mine got thrown out after our fire...and I just haven't gotten another one ( I need to!), but I have been letting him "air" out the majority of the day. I give him a baking soda bath in the morning, and then let him be "free" unitl dinnertime. The only problem is, he gets cold very easily (he was a preemie) and so I keep him wrapped in a blanket. We have gone through LOTS of towels, blankets, etc. this week! LOL! His rash is looking a little better, but in another thread (prevacid for infants) I think I may have found the is his formula. He is on Nutramigen and ever since he has been on it, he has had the rash!! SO, I need to switch formulas. ;) Unfortunately that means Neocate, which is about 50 bucks a can! Thank God for insurance!
Yes, the blood is supposed to be caused by the allergy. His is accompanied by looser stool and some mucous. HOWEVER it is not every stool. When I asked the doc why, she said that it may just be a broken blood vessel!! So, yes I stopped nursing (pumping) b/c they claimed I had too much milk protein in my milk. I was going to try a dairy free diet...but when I looked online to see what that entailed....the cost would be too great to have to shop at a health food store all the time. And I get WIC, which covers the formula. So, to feed the rest of my would be too costly. We are strictly budgeted! So, that was the end of nursing...and it may have been for nothing! Which I am angry about. Funny thing is that he didn't have this rash until he started the formula. I am tempted to use my back supply that is frozen to see if that helps to clear it. BUT I don't want to confuse his body too much. Being a mom is so hard sometimes!!;)

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