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6/7 month old
Aug 30, 2007
My DD will be 7 months on the 1st and I am concerned about her being behind. She can sit by herself and rolls all over the place. She is getting up her hands and knees but goes nowhere. So to me for this stuff she is on track. But she still takes a bottle every 2 hrs, she gets 4 ozs. She only gets baby food 1x a day for dinner but she is not very good with eating off a spoon. Most times we skip dinner or give up because she has no idea what to do with a spoon. She can hold teething biscuits and feed herself those but she just doesn't really open her mouth for a spoon. She still wants to sleep in her swing. If we don't put her there she just wakes up in her bed and starts crying. She is also getting overweight for the swing, she is a big baby. Her swing and bottle are the only 2 things she depends on for comfort. I wish she wanted a blanket or pacifier. I know I don't give her as much attention as I gave DS. So sometimes I feel like maybe if I had more time for her she would be doing better. DS also was doing pat-a-cake by now, she just smiles away as we try to teach it to her. On the other hand we gave DS constant attention and now he is a very hangy, demanding child, so I am trying not to be all over DD and let her be by herself but I think that tactic is making her slow.

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