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Hi mj-

Your little one sleeping through the night is fantastic! My little one is still getting up through the night, so you are very lucky!

My little girl is almost five months now and over the last month she has started to flip from her back to her belly, or her belly to her back, but that's where she gets stopped. She isn't rolling around - her arm gets stuck under her when she is on her belly and she hasn't figured out how to get it out yet so she doesn't get far. As far as trying to crawl - my daughter over the last few weeks has learned to put her bum in the air and tries to push herself but her face is still planted into the ground so it isn't pretty and she doesn't get anywhere.

She just started really lifting and holding her head up about one week after she turned four months. She has progressed a lot over the month and it's amazing how one day can make a difference with things. She just found her foot the other day and has been holding that constantly now. Also, I set up her exersaucer a few weeks back and when we first put her in it two weeks ago, she just kind of leaned forward and didn't do too much - now she is grabbing for the objects, trying to suck on the objects and is turning herself around in it.

As far as talking and laughing - she babbles a bit, but gets shy around others and will remain quiet. Seems she talks the most when on her changing table - we can't shut her up on that! She just started laughing in the last week or two. Her dr. told me she should be talking more from now to six months.

Sounds like your little one is right on target, and if you don't think so, just wait and see what she starts doing tomorrow. :)

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