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I have found with my son that when he is refusing something because he wants something else instead, the thing that works best is to NOT give him what he wants, ever. He was a preemie (6 weeks early) and obviously low birth weight, due to that; so I could never nurse him, I had to pump, add formula to give the breastmilk extra calories and then bottle feed it. Unfortunately, with my husband being at sea, it became impossible to pump ENOUGH to breastfeed exclusively. As I started to supplement with formula, he got so he would refuse the formula and ONLY take breastmilk. As I didn't have enough to exclusively feed him, the only solution was to take the breastmilk away completely (which KILLED me to do). My suggestion is to ONLY give your child the bottle. She will eventually have to take it. Babies won't starve themselves. As I said, this worked in my personal experience for refusing formula, but he never nursed directly so I don't know if it'll be effective or not. Good luck!

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