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Prolonged use?
Aug 31, 2007
my son will be 5 months old on sept 6th, and he has had pretty bad eczema for about 4 months of it (his arms and face are almost always weeping with it) 3 weeks ago, the dr put him on fucidin h cream for a week (1% hydrocortisone), which cleared it up amazingly, when we ran out of it we used aqueous cream which just flared it back up pretty much instantly, went back to the dr's, that time he gave us hydrocortisone 0.5% and he was on that for two weeks,, which was a waste of time so we went back today and he has put him on fucidin h again. the only thing is i know your not supposed to use steriod creams for too long because of the effects , especially on the face, and thats where he has it worse. it even says in the leaflet, ''avoid prolonged use in infants and children''
im just a little confused,,,,, how long is classed as prolonged use?

it just seems like one big circle, as soon as it looks like its improving, he gets all itchy and scratches or rubs it raw then it goes bad again.
we always have his hands covered, cause no matter how short we cut his nails he always manages to make himself bleed.
i just want to make it better for him but i dont want to use this cream for too long incase i damage his skin permanantely :(

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