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I swear we could have the same child! My son is dealing with a horrendous rash right now on the Nutramigen. He didn't get one like this UNTIL he was on it for a few days. Just about 3, hmmmm.....NOTHING is working to get rid of it and it is going on 3 weeks of him having it. My doc prescribed Nystatin also!! I am going to call the gastro and push for the Neocate. If it constipates him, I will go to the elecate. I am lucky and my insurance will cover it b/c it is medically necessary too. I think that all insurances should. How can they expect any parents to spend that much money on formula? It is ridiculous. Of course, I also blame the companies that make it that expensive!:) In any case, I have known deep down that the rash was caused by the formula. My doc didn't seem to think so, but Nutramigen still has proteins in it, broken down or not! I would guess that it has more than my breastmilk did (which is why I stopped nursing! So that he would be more comfy). So, Neocate is the next step! I just keep praying that he will grow out of this allergy, as we are a HUGE dairy family...LOL! Fortunately he is gaining REALLY well, about 10oz to a pound a week! So, he is not being effected too much! Thanks for your is nice to know that we aren't the only ones!;)

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