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i started giving my older daughter cheerios and tiny bites of crackers at around 6 months.... she didn't have any teeth, but she was in the process of cutting them and i think the cheerios helped her gums feel better (like a yummy dissolvable teething toy). she ate all the stuff you mentioned, plus the jars of meats (i mixed those with the fruits or veggies) and others. i also gave her smushed up bits of whatever we were eating too. now, my younger daughter was a different story all together. at six months, she was barely eating one jar of food a day! and there was no way i was going to be giving her cheerios either! she was way more of a baby than my older daughter!

i think it's just a matter of smart experimenting. you are his mommy and you know your baby. read up on nutrition for a baby that age and tweak the information to fit your baby and his needs.

OH!!! one thing that i just remembered though, is that you shouldn't give EGGS to a baby under one year old. apparently egg allergies can be severe and to a baby, it can be fatal??? AND, if you or your husband or your older son are allergic to anything, it might be wise to not give it to your baby because food allergies can run in families. :)

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