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Hello Ladies,
Are you both aware that Nutramigen contains casein hydrolysate, which is a milk protein? It is broken down extensively, which is what is [I]supposed[/I] to make it easier for babies to digest, but it is still a milk protein, and if your babies really do have a milk protein allergy, their symptoms will not completely go away until you switch them to a milk-free formula.
If you know about milk protein allergies though, you know that symptoms are more than just blood in the stool and gassiness. There is also wheezing, congestion, hives, rash, runny nose, eczema, vomiting, and diarrhea. Formula companies give Pediatric doctors incentives for putting their patients on their specialty formulas like Alimentum, Nutramigen, Neocate, and others, so there are a lot of pediatricians who are quick to diagnose milk allergies and lactose intolerance in infants who are really just gassy babies due to immature digestive systems that take time to develop (classic case of colic).
Another thing to consider is that Nutramigen is known for causing horrible diaper rash in infants. Doctors dismiss this fact the same way they dismiss fevers with teething. There is no scientific data saying that teething can cause fevers, so even though every single baby you know gets a fever while teething, it's a coincidence and nothing more. Even though most infants have gotten horrible diaper rash after switching to Nutramigen, it must be a coincidence because Nutramigen is hypoallergenic.
If it were my baby, I'd get a new pediatrician.
My son had a milk protein allergy and we switched to soy. It was night and day for him. At first I thought it was just colic, but after we tried the switch along with other symptoms, including TERRIBLE eczema, everything got better. Hopefully your little one feels better soon. My son grew out of it as well. Except the skin problem. He's 2 1/2 and we are still battling that!
aelliot---it may not be a skin problem. Have you looked up keratosis? My DD has it, and it looks as though my son may too. It is NOTHING serious and is genetic. All it consists of are little bumps mostly on the face, upper arms and upper legs. I have it and so does DH, so our kids were bound to. I never noticed I had it until I had DD. Just a thought. Oh, and they have eczema worse with this too. My DD gets it on and off all the time. Good luck!;)

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