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[QUOTE=sam673;3214492]Hello Ladies,
Are you both aware that Nutramigen contains casein hydrolysate, which is a milk protein? It is broken down extensively, which is what is [I]supposed[/I] to make it easier for babies to digest, but it is still a milk protein, and if your babies really do have a milk protein allergy, their symptoms will not completely go away until you switch them to a milk-free formula.
Another thing to consider is that Nutramigen is known for causing horrible diaper rash in infants. Doctors dismiss this fact the same way they dismiss fevers with teething. There is no scientific data saying that teething can cause fevers, so even though every single baby you know gets a fever while teething, it's a coincidence and nothing more. Even though most infants have gotten horrible diaper rash after switching to Nutramigen, it must be a coincidence because Nutramigen is hypoallergenic.
If it were my baby, I'd get a new pediatrician.[/QUOTE]

Well, my baby was never diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. All we know is that until he was put on Nutramigen EVERYTHING he ate went in his mouth and within an hour came back up out his nose. I'm talking EVERY drop. He was on breastmilk fortified w/ formula for extra calories and even the small amount of formula in the milk was enough to do it. (Literally, a t. in 3 oz.) Well, now he throws up maybe twice a week. As far as my being aware of what the protein makeup of Nutramigen is, yes I do know. I read the labels and also researched as much online as I could when the doctor was considering switching him to this formula. Also, we tried soy in between and that was WORSE than regular milk based formula. Not only did he throw up, he was also in pain ALL the time. His diaper rash is going to be looked at again Fri but is almost gone. It appears it was fungal so again, I can't blame the formula. Also, it wasn't until he was switched to formula exclusively (Nutramigen in fact) that he started properly gaining weight. He weighed 4 lbs @ birth so weight gain has been a top priority. He's now pushing 10 lbs @ 3 months of age. Anyway, my older brother had the same problem and was put on this formula, and he's now a healthy 25 year old. So you are welcome to your opinion and I'm not going to tell you you're wrong but I AM going to say that I FAR from agree with you.
As far as receiving incentives, I find that highly unlikely. First of all, if they get incentives then the doctor wouldn't be willing to give multiple samples, as the incentives would be for getting the patient to PURCHASE the formula. I seriously doubt the ped gets anything for it. In fact, she did everything she could to AVOID him ending up on such a pricey formula. So let me think about this. He has a pediatrician who, by 1 month of age knew who we were and has clearly never had ANYTHING but DS's best interest at heart. She also talks to you like you're a person and ACTUALLY have a brain inside your head, AND she listens to you when you say that something isn't right, he's not acting like he normally does. So, sure...just because she said to give him a formula that he would actually be able to keep down AND gain weight on, AND always has his best interest at heart, I think I'm going to go find a new doctor b/c that just seems like the thing to do.
So thank you for your input but I think I'll continue to do what has been working for a month now and I also think I'll keep using the same doctor.

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