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I believe for the baby rub they have to be 3 months old?? Oh, and the reason that you shouldn't use a warm mist humidifier is that it is easy to inhibit mold and mildew. It can still happen in a cool one too. But, mold likes the warm damp air more. However, I think no matter what you use, if you clean it weekly you will be just fine. I know how this is. My DD had a cold at 2 weeks old, and so far (knock on wood) Hunter hasn't had one!! Another suggestion is to give a menthol bath. You can buy (Grins and Giggles) Vapor Bath. You just add it into their bath....this is soothing and warm. Also, elevate the head of his mattress, or get a wedge positioner. This will keep his airways more open. Also helps for acid reflux with my guy. Sorry he is going through this, but know that they last about 10-14 days and then he will be all better. ;)

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