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[QUOTE=JuniorsMommy929;3210862]ok so here we go, i have the plug in thingy, i tried the hot shower in the bathroom, we are using the vapor bath, the humidifier is not working.
so last night he did not eat or sleep so come 6 am after a terrible night i called after hours care, they said to go to the hospital and they will check him out and try and give me something because he is so restless and not eatting well[/QUOTE]

I'm so sorry that nothing was able to help. :( I know those nights can be really tough. Let us know how everything goes at the hospital. Poor baby! :(
[QUOTE=JuniorsMommy929;3212765]they did no tests at the hospital, it wasnt as deep then. they checked him out and told me to hit on his chest? every once in a while to loosen up the mucas...idk sounds weird but i have done it lightly, he is doin pretty good today the cough is not so deep anymore and he is coughing less[/QUOTE]

glad to hear his cough isn't as bad today! it's so frustrating when our babies get sick and they can't tell us what's wrong with them! just so you are aware, when my daughter had croup, her cough was significantly better during the day, and got worse at night (that's when we did the steamy bathroom thing). SOOO, if your little one's cough gets worse and deeper at night, definitely do the steamy bathroom - it should clear it up for a few hours at least!

i hope your baby just has a yucky cold and is on the mend now, but i wanted to let you know about what my daughter went through so if it happens it doesn't catch you completely off guard! good news is that she got over it within a couple of nights! :)

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