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so my youngest turned 6 months today, he caught a cold form his older brother. he has a cough and I think a slight sore throat, had it for about 4 days now, i have used the cook mist humidifier but its not doing anything, also, i know you can elevate the crib matress but its pointless because he dont sleep in one spot, he does mainly cough when he is in bed though, he is also sneezing, the doc said to give him pediacare, ok well when i do that, he throws up, not spits out the meds, he actually throws up! his nose is not running or anything, idk what else to do for him, he is getting worse, im gonna call the doctor but they always say let it run its course...he has had a sligh fever of 100 since he became sick
Unfortunately there isn't much you can do for an infant when they have a cold.
I never elevated the crib with my middle child because he ended up upside down! Try a humidifier. It doesn't really do anything but keep the boogies around their nose from getting hard and crusty, which in turn makes for a miserable child! Tylenol for the fever of course. If you think they are running a high fever, bathe in a lukewarm bath. It will help lower their temp. I haven't tried the vapor plugs yet, but I think I might next time!! Hope your little one feels better soon!

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