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Nope, still has a bad rash. I just care that he is gaining weight and getting bigger. I think you are correct with just doing a weekly average. Problem is that the last few days he has cared more about sleeping than eating. I am really guessing that he is gowing through a growth spurt. My DD would eat constantly for days then sleep constantly for days. I guess they are the same in that aspect. My ped said he should be eating 5 oz every 3 hours, so like 40oz a day! LOL! The gastro really made me feel better by saying at least 18. Some days it has been less, some a little more. I am sure once this spurt is over, it will level off. As long as he is growing well, I guess I shouldn't worry. I am just your typical mom who listens to her stupid doc! LOL!;)
oh i HATED those days when my daughter just wanted to sleep and wouldn't wake up to eat (i was nursing her then too!). so frustrating!!! but if i remember correctly, she was having a growth spurt and it didn't last too long.... thankfully! so sorry to hear he's still having the rash! that's so awful! i hate when our babies are hurting! i hope it clears soon!

ps - hey, it's generally good to listen to the doctor.... but be sure to listen to your mommy instincts as well! :)

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