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Thanks for the reply! You know, I actually didn't really think that was the problem, but now that you mention it, it very well could be. He has already cut his 2 bottom teeth about 3 weeks ago, so perhaps it's the top teeth getting ready to come in. I do remember him being like this when he was getting his bottom teeth, but it was much more constant--now it seems to be when he's tired. He seems perfectly happy normally, but I can always tell when he's ready for a nap because he starts to get extremely fussy, and nothing I can do will help. Today we were out for dinner, and normally when we go out he is such a well behaved baby, but he was screaming and causing a scene, and when I tried to put him in his car seat to go, he was straightening his body and wouldn't let me put the harness on, etc.. Luckily we had already gotten the bill and paid it because we had to leave in a hurry with the way he was acting... I am finding this slightly overwhelming to deal with at the moment because my husband is away on buisness, and like I've said--it's fairly new--he's normally really happy, and well behaved.
But anyway, thanks again for the reply--I hope that's what's the matter and it'll pass!

Whiskers :dizzy:
with the first post, i was thinking teeth too, but the straightening his back suggests abdominal discomfort. have you started him on cereal or jar foods yet? if you haven't, you might think about it. he might just be hungry. a lot of babies are ready for cereal and/or jar foods by his age. if you're not ready for spoon feeding yet, you could try just adding a little rice cereal to his bottles.

i have 3 nephews and 3 nieces and two little girls of my own, and each of them (with the exception of my younger daughter), at around 4 months went through a horrible fussy period (same as you have described) that didn't get resolved until their moms started them on cereal and/or jar foods, so i assume it was because they were just hungry. could be what's happening with your little one too!

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