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Hello! Well, my sons gastro has gotten me worried about his rash. He has had it for 4 WEEKS now. I have done it ALL and NOTHING works. The desitin is the only thing that is preventing it from getting worse, but not better. So, the gastro suggested taking him to the derma to find out what is wrong and why it isn't healing. I told her I thought it was from the formula (Nutramigen) and she said it was almost impossible, being a hypoallergenic formula. However, when he got the rash, he was just starting the nutramigen. Sigh. I am calling the doc today to get him in tomorrow and to get the referral to the derma. I just want this rash gone, and to not have him scream when I change him anymore!
i was just responding to you other post and had asked if his rash had gotten any better yet.... i am so sorry to hear that it hasn't!

about the nutramigen formula and what the doc says about it..... my little brother almost died when he was 6 months old because of a "special" new formula his doctor swore by. turned out the formula had some problems and was making babies sick right and left. there was something about the formula that was causing my brother to literally starve. fortunately they figured it out and he got healthy, and eventually they recalled that formula and quit making it all together.

just something to keep in mind.....

ps - not that i think nutramigen is dangerous, but perhaps there's something in it that actually does cause diaper rash in sensitive babies?

pps - have either of you tried lotrimin on your babies' rash? there might be something in it that differs from nystatin that if it's a yeast rash, it might help.... i had my daughter on oral nystatin and put lotrimin creme on her rash with triple paste on top of that (she definitely had a yeast rash though). also, if it's not a yeast rash, and you tried triple paste and it didn't work, they do have a money back guarantee....

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