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My daughter had to have outpatient eye surgery at 6 months, so I can completely understand what you are going through. I hope the surgery was successful. :)

According the hospital we were at, they take peds patients in order of age, starting with the youngest first, since they all don't have any food in their little bellies. The older ones are more resilient and easier to distract with the games/songs and what not. I hope that worked for you.

We were able to feed her as soon as she was awake and back in the regular room. In fact, she was screaming like a banshee, which they told me is a side effect from the anesthesia... so don't be surprised if that happens. As soon as we fed her a bottle she went right back to sleep and slept most of the day. She was fine the next day.

Again, I hope all went well.

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