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If this is a recent thing with him feeding so frequently, I agree, hang in there, it's likely a growth spurt. However, I can also tell you from experience that you can supplement formula, but as the other posters have said, you really do need to pump to keep up your supply. Not that I want to discourage you, but doing both breastfeeding, pumping and formula is A LOT of work. I felt like all I ever did was taking care of my DD or pumping, literally. I never had good supply to begin with so I was trying to keep up my meager supply (and DD is a poor, lazy feeder both on bottle and breast), and it was difficult. The constant pumping and stress just got to be too much (plus I had other complications from the c-section surgery, etc)--I have had to stop breastfeeding, because there was nothing left. I have a pretty good supply in the freezer, but I still wish I was able to breastfeed her. Anyway, I hope whatever path you need to go down works well. But, yes, it is okay to supplement. Another thing you might want to do (if you haven't already) is keep a pretty detailed log of eating, diapers, etc. Once you start formula, log how much eaten at a sitting (I had to supplement after each breastfeed, long story), or how many minutes at the breast, etc. It helps you to know all is okay, and your pediatrician will likely ask you these things anyway. Good luck.

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