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Hi All ~ My seven week old has developed a terrible case of infant acne about three weeks ago. I recently took her to the doctor because of a lesion on her neck that I thought may be impetigo. The doctor thinks it may be eczema. Her little face is so red, feels like leather, and I just feel so bad for her! He told me to just use plain water on her face, which I have been doing because of the acne so as not to clog the pores. I have been using Elidel 2x daily on her neck and Eucerin cream, which has healed nicely. Here's my question: She is on Similac Isomil Soy Formula. Is there any correlation from the soy formula to eczema in infants? Thank you!
lauralu, i really feel for you and your poor baby girl, my ds has had severe eczema since he was about 10 weeks old and has had it ever since, he has it everywhere and at one point it was weeping sores. the only thing that gets rid of his is a cream called fucilin h which is a steriod cream.i hate him having to be on it but it is the ONLY thing that helps. his arms and everything has cleared up but he constantly has it on his face and of course you have to be really careful and not use the cream for too long on the face.(and of course when i stop useing the cream it just flares back up again) i asked the dr if it could be the milk and he said if it was the milk he would constantly have it and the cream wouldnt help. we have to keep a diary of things we do to try and find the trigger for it but so far we cant pin point a cause.

another thing ,, moisturise at every oppourtunity, you really cant do it enough if it is eczema, we use something called diprobase (as well as the steriod cream x2 a day) you can also get something called oilatum which you put in the bath,, and i swear by this stuff, it is sooo great for my ds with his eczema.

my ds's cheeks are always red and scaley and i hate not being able to make it better for him.
im glad you managed to clear your dd's up and hopefully it will stay at bay, im sorry i couldnt give you a definate answer with the milk but i hope this helps a little.
I found with my son who is now 2 1/2, that the soy formula actually helped with his skin. He has terrible eczema. When he turned 1 we went straight to soy milk as well. When I would try and switch him back to regular milk, he would have a flare up.
When my son was little he had eczema on both of his cheeks. I used to make him put green tea bags on his cheeks for a little while each day and that seemed to help. You just make a cup of tea and let the teabag steep in the water, then take them out of the water and you can use it on the skin when it cools down enough. I didn't want him to be on medications at that early age.
i find that aquaphor by eucerin works you just have to apply 4-5 times a day and dont bathe every day or it could be a food allergy witch could also cause eczema good luck
Thank you for your posts! Madeline is doing much better, and her acne is nearly gone. So far, no more sores. We are just moisturizing daily! :)

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