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Thank you all for your replies,

So, it seems like I am doing ok. This has been our schedule for the past week. (I introduced carrots and she got a rash :( she didn't like them anyway...ha!).

morning: 2oz of formula mixed with rice ceral, fruit or veggie, then if still hungry the rest of the bottle about 3oz

10:30ish bottle of formula

lunch time after nap cereal mixed with the fruit or veggie/2oformula plus left over bottle (3oz)

3:00: bottle

6:00: fruit or veggie mixed as above left over bottle (3oz

bedtime: bottle 5oz

since we have been doing this she doesn't seem to be constipated anymore. When I was putting cereal in her bottles etc. she was having trouble going to the bathroom. Now she is like clockwork every morning. She seems to be doing well. We are going to introduce a veggie today at lunch since her carrot rash has gone away. I think we will do either squash or sweet potatoes.

Thanks again!


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