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I think it's a fancy name for eczema, right? Ds has it, and I only use the cortisone for really bad flare ups, but I do other things on a daily basis like use Dove on him during baths, and lotion him up every diaper change. ;)
Yes, that is a fancy name for eczema. You also need to watch out for laundry detergents. We don't use anything that has perfume in it including ANY and ALL baby products. Dove soap for sensitive skin works the best for our babe. Watch out for shampoo's and sunblock also. Good Luck:angel:
what hydrocortisone cream is it?
my son has really bad eczema, he used hydrocortisone 0.5% and that did absolutely nothing it was such a waste of time, but now he is on fucilin h, which is 1%hydrocortisone and antibiotic, which works wonders. when he has a really bad flare up (weeping and everything) it will clear it up in a couple of days.
but please be aware that both the above creams are steriod creams and shouldnt be used for prolonged periods of time, also you need to be very careful using it on cheeks as after time it does thin the skin, (my son has his worse eczema on his face,,, typical lol)
try not to use aqueous cream tho,,, that most of the time just makes it worse,,, we found a good moisturiser is diprobase,, it helps to moisturise them at every oppourtunity. there is also a liquid you put in the bath which i highly recomend although not sure if you can get it in the us, its called oilatum,
hope this helps
Gentle Naturals has an eczema cream and soap. I also agree with using Free laundry detergents and no dryer sheets.

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