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Hi Monique!

I feel for you! It is so hard to have your little one cry and not know why. My DD (13 months) just went through a similar thing - lasted about 7-8 days. She would wake up periodically and just cry and cry and we couldn't figure out why and it would take awhile to get her calmed down. I ended up taking her to the physician and it turned out to be a virus that caused sores on her mouth and throat. But, there was no other indication, she was eating fine, no fever, nothing. It was very weird. When DD was breaking through her 1 year molars, she used to wake up pretty fussy, too, so it could be teeth. Is DD drooling alot? My little girl drooled quite a bit when she was breaking through her molars. I have heard that toddlers can have "night terrors" also so maybe she is having some bad dreams :p . Hang in there...
[QUOTE=lbp35;3225593]OMG! I am going through the same thing and am ready to lose it!:( MY dd is almost 13 months and was STTN until last week. She is waking up several times a night and like 5:30 for the day! SHe is standing in her crib crying until I go to her and lay her down and patt her butt a few times. I thought it was molars and tried motrin and it doesn't help. Do teeth hurt worse at night? Cause she is fine during the day and doesn't seem to be in pain.Is it separation anxiety? I hate to let her cry then or be scared.:confused: I don't know what to do!!!!!:o[/QUOTE]

yeah, it's probably teething because between 12-18 months, they're getting those huge molars all at once and it's got to hurt (and then those 2 year molars start! argh!). i think teeth definitely hurt worse at night because when they're laying down flat, the blood circulates differently, and there is more pressure in that area. from my own personal experience, when i got my wisdom teeth out, anytime i layed down flat, it hurt like a monster! i could literally feel the blood pounding through my jaw right where it hurt the worst! it didn't ease up until i got up and moving around a bit. then when i went back to bed, i layed propped on a pillow so i wasn't flat and that eased the pain.

POINT IS.... i imagine teething pain is similar to that, so you might try elevating one end of baby's mattress, or letting your baby sleep on a pillow (not a large soft squishy pillow, but maybe a slightly firm throw pillow) or a bigger stuffed animal - we got my daughter a big stuffed frog from target last year for her 1st birthday and she's slept on it ever since, and i think it helped the monster teething phase be not quite so bad!

anyway, give teething tablets and tylenol at bedtime, let her sleep on a pillow or raise the mattress on one end, give a dose of ibuprofen when you go to bed (which is generally when the tylenol wears off), and after you make sure her diaper is dry, you may have to let her scream it out one time (generally it only takes one time of screaming it out and then they learn to comfort themselves). good luck! :)

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