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;) Well finally! I have found someone who listens and cares! The ped gastro that is 3 hours away is so nice, and she said that I have been struggling with this whole rash situation long think!!! LOL! Anyway after talking with her and explaining that I really feel it is the formula (Nutramigen) she agreed to switch. She wants me to try Similac Alimentum (weird anhyre...cause you posted about that today, LOL) and so I am taking some of the Nutramigen back and seeing if the store will let me switch. I may have to pay a few bucks to make up for it, but at this point, I don't care! She told me to try it for a week and see if it helps. PLUS (THANK GOD) if this works, and we switch him permanently, WIC will cover this too! I honestly thought the only other step was Neocate, and I am glad not to have to go to this, as it is 50 bucks per can! I think his insurance will cover it, but I just don't want that hassle. So, I am praying that my poor little guys bum will clear up soon with this Alimentum formula. I just pray that it keeps his gas and fussiness down too. I would try Soy, but the gastro says that 80% of kids with a milk allergy also have soy allergy. I don't want to even go there! LOL! I am continuing to put bag balm and nystatin on his bum and it is looking slightly better, but I still believe it is this formula. We will find out in a few days. Thank you all for your help and and ideas and sympathies. I really do appreciate them. ;)
I think I will stick with regular 1% chocolate milk, thank you....LOL!!!:D I am waiting for him to wake up so he can try it. I don't think he will have much of a problem taking it. I am sure it tastes just as horrible as Nutramigen. LOL! He crashed on me last night for 8 hours! It is amazing! My DD NEVER did that until she was at least 6 months old. I am hoping that this does the trick. I don't know. But after 5 1/2 weeks of dealing with a rash that won't go away, I am done. I am just thankful that the gastro took my side. I figured she would eventually. She is so nice and has a little one herself. His ped doesn't have children (something I think should be a prerequisite for being a ped!) so she isn't compassionate when it comes to things like "caring". The other ped in the office is better, she has 3 kids and is easier to deal with. She has been on vacation the last 2 weeks, so I couldn't have her. Sigh. Oh well. Yeah our guys sound a lot alike. Someday we should meet! LOL! ;)
Well, so much for thinking the Alimentum was better! LOL! It stinks! Well, only when mixed. BUT he took it well, and continues to. He only had one little spit up so far. He slept for 10 hours last night! If only I would have known, I would have slept all that time too, LOL! He was sleeping at 7pm and didn't get up to eat until 5am!! I was in shock! Must be another growth spurt, b/c after he ate 5 oz he conked back out until 9:30am and then ate 2 1/2 oz and is now sleeping again! I am wondering if he has a touch of a cold, b/c he coughs every now and then. The Alimentum seems to help his gas a little too. He has only had 2 bottles so far, so I am not sure. BUT I am pleased so far. Of course, it is too soon to tell for the rash. I will have to admit that I have never tried Soy milk. If his allergy keeps up past 1 year, I may have to, LOL!;)
Wow, too bad you missed out on all that sleep. Let's see, little man slept for...7 hours, woke up and moved into our bed 'cause he wanted cuddles and slept another 2, so 9 total. Then he chugged his 4.5oz bottle and, surprise surprise, has been screaming off and on since. Fortunately, he was quiet during my doctor's appt.
So, ANYWAY...I'm glad he seems to like it and that it's helping with his gas. Maybe that's a sign that his body is tolerating it better in general. DS was real congested a few weeks ago and had a cough. After about a week and half he was ALL better, so...just give it a little time. Let us know how goes the rash. We're all crossing our fingers that it goes away soon.
Okay, well this is only day 2 of Alimentum. The rash is already showing clearing signs!!! HOWEVER....I am wondering if it is the formula or if my new found "technique" of rash fighting! LOL! I have been using a hair dryer (as suggested by a mom on here) every time I change his diaper. I make sure it is on low and not to burn him (I alternate low with the "cool shot" button). Then I plaster on Nystatin and Bag Balm. So far, it is clearing...but only after the formula change. BUT I am keeping it all up so that it will hopefully go away! I cannot give the Nystatin too much credit, cause I just started the ointment kind yesterday (was using cream) and I don't think it would clear it up that much over night. Maybe. I really feel deep down it is the formula. So, we are sticking with that so far. He is a little more fussy after each bottle, but he isn't fully used to it yet. So, I have been giving him Mylicon drops (an idea for anhyre too for her babe) after each meal. This has helped a little. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this whole thing works! ;)
I bet it's the formula but I wouldn't change anything. I've used the mylicon drops and they've worked when he had gas but that's not his problem anymore. *sigh* He's like my tiny roller coaster. Up and down...I'm sure it'll even out soon. Anyway, my mom has taken to calling him "Dragonbaby," so at least he got a cute nickname out of it.
I'm REAL glad his rash is FINALLY clearing up. Crossing my fingers it doesn't "stall" like DS's did. (Yes, it's back, and flaring up pretty badly again.)
I know Alimentum doesn't have concentrate, but what about ready made? You could try that. This really seems to be working for him and it is the best this rash has looked! Dragonbaby is a very cute nickname! LOL!;)
Oh, i completely understand! I didn't want to stop nursing either, but also had to b/c of the protein thing!;) I was just curious with the concentrate how it worked. The one thing I am thinking is that his rash/reflux may also be from the Nutramigen. Could you use the ready made, and then add some powder to it? That would make it more calories?? I am just trying so hard to help you out. It sounds so hard. I know how hard it is when my DS cries alot and I can only imagine!

His rash is at a stand still and looks like another spot is starting, but we will see. I am fighting it with ALL my might. ;)

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