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[QUOTE=WhiskersOnKittens;3232486]I am completely shocked at this thread! I was under the impression (as the previous poster mentioned), that you aren't supposed to pull back the foreskin on a baby boy's penis.... I guess though if ped's are doing it, as with all of you ladies, then it can't be THAT bad to do lol... When I was leaving the hospital after having my baby boy, the nurse said to just wipe in a downward motion all around the penis (towards the tip), and that type of cleaning will suffice, so that's what I've been doing.

Whiskers :confused:[/QUOTE]

That is true. The reason they say not to retract the foreskin is that it's usually still attached to the head. My son was born w/ his foreskin partially retracted so, clearly, not fused to the head. So...if I DON'T pull it back to clean it he can get gunk in there, not cool. In general though, I've also heard you shouldn't retract the foreskin of a baby boy.

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