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I posted a thread on the diet and nutrition board for my 6 month old daughter but didn't get many replies.
Can anyone help?
For the last couple of months my daughter has been teething, she seems fine during the day but still struggling to sleep through at night (she never has done). Last week she developed a cold and a dry cough.

For a few weeks now her milk intake has slowly been reducing (she's been on solids since 4 months - and will eat anything) she now only has roughly 12 oz milk daily and most of that is at night! In fact she doesn't seem to like any type of fluid at all and am really struggling to get water, juice, milk or any other fluid into her. She will only drink a bottle when she's half asleep and i know i'm setting myself up for problems getting her to fall asleep alone later (as she 's always been very good at this before).

I was told that her reluctance to drink may be due to her teething and sucking on a teat/beaker may hurt her, so i tried to give her calpol 1/2 hour before her feed before bed and this seemed to help a bit. I've also increased her intake by adding to her food and giviong yogurt and cheese. I'm still worried about her fluid levels as she has been sore (i think her wee is too strong as undiluted by fluid) and also will she ever sleep through!!! I've now gone back to work so am finding it more difficult to get up with her in the night - but need to as it gets some milk in her - what should i do nexxt???

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