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did she stop nursing because of weight gain problems, or digestive problems? did she have problems with eating when she was nursing? does she have to be on hypoallergenic formula for digestive reasons, or did the doctor put her on it because she wasn't eating? how are they sure it's not due to teething?

there are loads of reasons a baby refuses to eat. if she wasn't having any problems with nursing, but quit eating when you quit nursing, she may just be rebelling because she wants to nurse (yes, even at 6 months they rebel.... sigh!), and so will only take formula when she HAS to. it might be that she hates the formula, and again, will only take it when she HAS to.

have you tried a dose of ibuprofen 20-30 minutes before offering formula? have you tried a different bottle? did the doctor look at her ears to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection?

if she doesn't have an intolerance or an allergy, i'd recommend trying a different formula (not hypoallergenic) and a different bottle (playtex nursers are GREAT for transitioning from breast to bottle!). good luck! :)

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