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my dh got a phone call the other day saying that his sister had broken down, so we drove out to help her, when we got there everything turned out to be ok and she mentioned to dh that she hasnt seen our little boy in ages and asked where he was, to which dh replied that he was in the back of the car (i was in the car while he was outside having the conversation) when he came back into the car, he looked in the back, then looked at me and said ''gem,,, wheres the baby????'' of course we both started absolutely freaking out, my heart couldnt go any faster i tell you, i thought that in the rush of getting out to help his sister that maybe we left him on the pavement sitting in his car seat, so after about a minuite of driving really really fast, both of us going absolutely crazy, something popped in my head and i turned to dh and said......

''matt,,,, we just dropped him off at your mums,,, she is looking after him'' lol!
we had taken him out there for them to watch about 5 mins before and both had just completely forgot that, we are so used to him being everywhere with us!
of course then the relief set in and we both agreed that we needed more sleep haha!

ds is almost 6 months old now and still wakes during the night for a feed, always give him a bottle before we put him to bed (which is normally about 11pm) but he still wakes at 3am, he wont settle for his pacifier, he will just cry and cry until he gets his bottle, as soon as he has had that he goes back to sleep until 7am, he has 3 large meals during the day and still has a 7-8oz bottle every 3 hours during the day, i think he is just a hungry baby.
does anyone have any hints tips or advice on how to get him to sleep through?
any help would be greatly appreciated :D
Oh wow, that was funny! I can totally see me doing something like that as well. Yes, lack of sleep makes us all do crazy things.

It's funny because right now, the top three posts are about sleep issues. I am glad I am not alone when it comes to this. I wish my son would sleep too!

Can you put your baby to bed earlier? 11 p.m. seems so late. Maybe cut out an evening nap (if he has one) and put him to bed for good at 8 p.m. or so.
Hey gemmalou!

I would agree with the previous poster about putting your son to bed earlier. It makes no sense, but for some reason when you put them to bed earlier, they sleep later!

Is he eating the entire bottle during his nighttime feeding? If not, he probably doesn't need that middle of the night feed, he has just come to expect it. I would focus on helping him go back to sleep without the bottle. It may be hard the first few times, but it should eventually work.

Also, you can try adding an extra ounce to his feedings during the day. This may help him get the extra calories so he sleeps better at night.

Ummmm....I can't think of anything else at the moment. Hope one of those suggestions helps!
two curious questions....

first, what kind of baby monitor did you use, and what made it blow up??? kind of scary!!!

second, why is putting cereal in a bottle bad to do? i have never heard that before! in fact, it was my daughter's doctor who told us to put cereal in all of her bottles (just before she was 2 months old) to thicken it up so that she maybe wouldn't spit up anymore (didn't work for the spitting up, but she slept great!). SO, i'd really like to know why it is bad, because i'm always telling other moms to do cereal in bottles.... i don't want to be giving out bad advice! :)

i have two theories that might apply with your baby's sleeping habits.... FIRST, if your baby is falling asleep out in the room with you, he might not be getting really good restful sleep due to whatever noise is happening around him (talking, telephone, tv, you coming and going, etc...). if he's not getting good restful sleep, he might be getting overly tired, and overly tired babies tend to have a harder time settling into a good restful sleep at night. to solve that, you might try what others here have said and put him in his bed earlier.

on the opposite side of that theory, it's possible that your baby is very used to the noise around him to help him sleep, and maybe when he gets in his own bed where it's nice and quiet, perhaps it's actually the quiet that wakes him? my little one was like that if she fell asleep in a noisy room and got moved to a quiet one, she'd wake up after about 15-20 minutes. to solve that, a white noise machine or cd playing in his room might help. :)
with regard to the cereal in bottles,,, i read online (cause i was considering doing it) that it can be bad for baby as if they choke on it or it goes down the wrong way the cereal can go onto the lungs and cause probs that way, i know lots of people do it but im just a huge worry wort lol

the baby monitor we had was an angelcare monitor with a sensor pad ,the parent unit was plugged into the mains (with the supplied mains cable) then after about ten mins just went pop and started smoking and that put me off using them again, took it back to the shop where i bought it , they just appologised and gave me my money back, i never found out why it blew but it just freaked me out,
ok so last night i deceided to mix half a rusk in with his last bottle and it actually worked!
he slept from 9pm (woke him up for a bottle at 11pm when we went bed) right through till about 7am this morning!
that was the first unbroken nights sleep ive had since i got pregnant (i could never sleep when i was pregnant)

i think ill be trying that again tonight :D

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