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do you give him ibuprofen before bedtime at night? if he's teething, a good dose of infant ibuprofen should help with that. and try homeopathic teething tablets too.... they are awesome!

i also noticed you also mentioned he gets changed with each waking/feeding? could it be the wet diaper waking him up? have you tried a different diaper brand? my little one used to wake up all the time when her diaper was even barely wet, and she wouldn't go back to sleep until her diaper was changed - and it's not like we were getting her up and cuddling her with that diaper change either. my husband would go in and change her right in her bed so there was no extra interaction going on!

anyway, we decided to try a different diaper, and tried a few before finding one that she slept through the night in (huggies overnights worked great, but something in the liner irritated her, so we went with pampers baby dry, which is also great, but doesn't hold as much so we usually change her once during the night).

so that all went on somewhere between 3-4 months old i think. BUT, just a couple of months ago (and she is almost 2 now), she started waking up all hours of the night again, and at first i thought it was because we were at my mom's house, but then i realized that her diapers were always completely full when i got her up. SO, even though she fell within the weight limits for size 4 diapers, i went ahead and got her size 5's (which she's a couple of pounds shy of) and it's made all the difference in the world!

long story slightly less long..... it might be that he hates the wet diaper feeling and maybe that is what is waking him up. perhaps the feedings are just habitual or comfort feedings. you might try a different diaper brand or go up a size and see if that doesn't help him sleep. :)

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