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Oct 2, 2007
Okay, as most of you know I have struggling with DS's diaper rash. He had it (are you ready?) for 6 WEEKS before I finally became so frustrated that I defied my pediatrician and called my Gastro. She came to my aid (after much begging) and told me to switch his formula. He was on Nutramigen (hypoallergenic) and now he is on Alimentum (Similac's version). It was just a matter of a few ingredients, b/c his rash is all but gone! I have also been trying the "hair dryer" technique with every diaper change. I also have kept up with the Nystatin ointment and on top of that I put Bag Balm. So, I just wanted to say...if your baby EVER gets a diaper rash that just WILL NOT go away, trying changing their formula. It really might help, even when the docs say it is "impossible". LOL!;)

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