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[QUOTE=trvlr76;3241367]My 3 month old has suddenly changed his sleeping and eating patterns. He is a big baby, about 16 lbs, 26.5 inches. We have him on cereal and formula, which was started to slow down the large amounts of formula he was taking in. That started at 5 weeks. He still ate between 27-29 ounces a day.

Now all of the sudden, he is eating only 22-25 ounces a day. He is still eating cereal. He has started skipping bottles, sometimes going 7 hours between bottles...if only that happened at night ;) . He sleeps during those hours. This seems to have started withing the last week. For instance, usually he wakes at 4am for a bottle, then eats again at 8am. Today, he ate at 4, and he is still asleep 7 hours later!

He seems to be fine, he's not sick, and seems happy. Should I be concerned, or do you all think he is just slowing down in the growth dept.?[/QUOTE]
I imagine you hit the nail on the head. I'd guess slowing down in the growth dept. It sounds like he's been in a growth spurt since he was born, lol. If only DS would gain weight like that. Actually, he is finally growing well. He's finally over 10 pounds @ 15 weeks. So...I wouldn't worry much unless, of course, he suddenly starts to lose weight, but it sounds like he's still taking plenty in.
Good luck...don't stress.

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