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Re: Good Results
Oct 5, 2007
When he saw the doctor earlier this week she made it seem like Reglan would be used IF the Upper G.I. indicated that there was a delay in his stomach emptying. We haven't been back though, so I don't really know what the plan is from here yet. She also mentioned that if those things don't work she might put him on a PPI.

His doctor brought up formula herself and said that we'd leave that alone.

I've heard talk about Synargis from other preemie moms but nobody's mentioned it to me. Yah, $1000/shot every month is a bit steep for us. I'm glad we have REALLY good insurance. His doctor did ask if he was going to be in daycare, but I don't know why. I hope everything goes well at the Dr's and Hunter starts feeling better. (I SOOOO love that name. We couldn't use it though. I work with a girl who has the same name I do and she named her son Hunter. That just would have been weird, lol.) to a couple weird things that have happened today. For one I noticed a bit of a rash on DS's face. He's had this rash before and I honestly thought it was baby acne last time he had it. That is, until it went away with a formula change. (AND my nephew had the SAME rash. It TOO went away w/ a switch to a hypoallergenic formula. That's a little too coincidental for me.) Also, I was laying him in his playpen to go fix bottles for him and the scariest thing happened:
He got this kind of glazed look in his eyes. (That's the best way I can describe it.) He was LOOKING at me but it was like he wasn't seeing me. Also, his hands, arms, feet and legs were kind of twitching. (Not convulsing, just twitching) This went on for about 5 seconds. Then he just snapped out of it and looked at me like NOTHING in the world was wrong and took his binky. It was SOOOOOO scary. I wasn't really sure what I'd just witnessed but knew my mom had had a son w/ a SEVERE seizure disorder so I called her and described it to her. She said it sounded like a Petit Maul seizure and that if it happened again I'd have to call the doctor. I've barely let him out of my sight since. I also told DH and he asked if I'd called the doctor. I know that you can have a FLUKE thing like that but I'm still freaking out.

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