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NOt only is my son in daycare (the one year old class just moved up from infant 2) but I work there as well. I teach PRe-K aND LOVE IT. However I have worked in daycare centers for many years and unfortunatley that is the way most centers do it. I think there needs to be a huge change in the way daycare centers are run. I have met a few people along the way who opened centers and tried to do it different and better but in the end, money and state liscencing rules make the decisions. I just had a huge fight with the director about the fact that all the toddlers have to eat what is on the school menu, many foods I feel are unhealthy, processed and not appropriate for one year olds. She said I had to and it was a liscencing rule. Well I kept fighting about it and my doctor said he would provide a doctor note because he agrees with me. I spoke with the teachers who said no problem they will feed him whatever I bring and not to worry.

Anyway as to your issue with naps I empathize. I went through this when we started back at daycare after taking the summer off. My baby was taking 2 naps (he is now 13 months and takes one) a day and his first nap was around 10-10:30. They weren't putting him down until after lunch around 12 and sometimes he wouldn't fall asleep until an hour later due to being over tired. Thank god I work in the center, I would pop in there during my break and rub his back until he fell asleep. Believe me the teachers did not like me checking up on him (on them as they saw it) so much but oh well. Try and do just one nap a day at home to get him in the habit. Make sure your baby is getting a good nights sleep every night if he is sleeping 10-12 hours a night he really doesn't need more than one long nap a day. I put my son to bed a 6:30-7 on school nights and he sleeps until 6:30 AM.

It cracks me up that my son is in one of the higher end daycares in the area I could not afford to send hiim there if I didn't work there and get a discount. This is a school where the wealthiest in the area send their kids. To me it is just another run of the mill daycare with nothing special about it.
The State needs to lower ratios (toddlers ratio is one:eight) in my state. That means there can be 16 one year olds with 2 teachers. CRAZY!

ANyway I can go on and on and vent about my opinions on daycare but will stop here.

I hope you can work this situation out. Try and talk with the teachers and be very proactive in how they handle your child. Remember YOU are the paying parent and they should cater to you as much as possilbe.

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