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I know everyone hates CIO, but I truly believe that some babies NEED to blow off some steam before falling asleep. My DD became literally IMPOSSIBLE to put to bed at one point. After an hour and 45min of rocking, walking, bouncing, singing till we were hoarse, my DH and I finally looked at eachother and realized that we were going crazy, and had to leave her for a few minutes while we regrouped.

We left her for 5 min, I went in to soothe, and she screamed bloody murder even harder, so I realized that she wanted to be left alone. She cried for 14 min straight (and so did I!). It was the longest 14 min of my life.

We did this for 3 nights, and by the fourth night, not only was she falling asleep on her own, but she was sleeping for 10 straight hours. We did this much younger than the four month rule, out of sheer necessity. Literally, I would have done anything to put her to sleep, but she was just one of those babies who needed to learn to fall asleep on her own.

She is now 5 months old and she sleeps 12 hours straight at night, with 3 naps per day. All of which are at least an hour long, if not 2 hours.

If I could do it over again, I would do the exact same thing. She wakes up so happy, and she is a very pleasant baby because she is always so well rested.

For naps, I have a routine that is a bit different from bedtime, but I follow it EXACTLY everyday. I usually draw the shades, change her diaper, rock her until she is a bit drowsy, and put her down awake. Usually, she literally will not make a peep, just turn over and suck her finger and fall asleep.

I don't want to convince you to do CIO if you are absolutely opposed, but I wanted to let you know, that if you do not have another choice, it can work, and your baby will not be ruined for life. My DD wakes up with a huge smile on her face everyday. And there are NEVER any tears. Hope that helps a bit!

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