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how long does it take for an infant to get used to formula
I remember my doctor telling me it usually takes a good week to see any kind of change in baby's overall behavior. i switched my daughter to soy formula because she was grunting horribly in her crib at night and saw a change in about two days. she slept better, less fussiness, easier bowel movements...just a happier baby. hope this helps, laura
A lot of people start NOTICING changes within a couple days and see drastic change by about 2 weeks. With my son it was immediate. He was projectile vomiting, so as soon as we found a formula he could digest, that problem stopped. By about 1 1/2 weeks after the switch, he was down to vomiting about once every 2 -3 days and now, about 2 months later, he hasn't thrown up in OVER a week! :) So, it does take time, though you should notice at least a small change pretty soon. Even if you don't, give it a couple weeks.
I have been breastfeeding exclusively for 5 months and just started to wean (only a few bottles a day). She poops more frequently (every half hour) and has terrible diaper rash. Is this normal when starting formula after breastfeeding? Thanks for your advice!
I breastfed DS for about 2 months. When I switched him at first he had about the same number of BMs but did start to get a rash. He actually ended up with a fungal rash that required a doctor's visit, a prescription antifungal, and 2 weeks to clear up. Now (he's been on the formula exclusively for about 6 weeks) he only goes about twice a day but he IMMEDIATELY starts to get a rash, so he can NOT sit in it at all. Formula is harsher than breastmilk so I don't think it's terribly uncommon for it to cause a rash. The most helpful thing for me is to let him air out as often as possible (usually immediately after a dirty diaper) and using cloth diapers. I'm not telling you to run out and start cloth diapering, I'm just saying that works for us. When I don't cloth diaper, I use Huggies Supreme. (I was using Seventh Generation but Babies R Us stopped carrying them.) I also use Desitin. If she's going THAT often then it must be tough to keep a clean diaper on her. I would suggest, if you're not all ready, putting on a REALLY thick layer of Desitin or Balmex to protect her hiney. Also, if the formula is causing a rash, talk to the doctor about trying a different one. Maybe one of the gentle formulas would be easier on her? Good luck, hopefully she'll get used to it soon.
I am assuming your DD is on a regular formula? My son has a milk protein allergy. It was brought on by introducing 1/2 tsp. of formula into my breastmilk. This was done to fortify the milk, he was a preemie. Anyway, he started having blood in his stool, and we switched him over entirely to formula, called Nutramigen (hypoallergenic). When we did this, 2 days later he got a bad rash, bleeding and spotty. I lathered him in Desitin, and over the next 6 WEEKS every other diaper rash treatment known to man. I spent alot of money on this rash. I had taken him to the docs 3 times for it too, being told that it wasn't his formula, and that he just needed to air out and keep Nystatin on it. I had tried all of that in week 2. I was very frustrated. I finally called his Gastro. She was very sympathetic and told me to try switching his formula. A week later, the rash was practically gone! So, yes, it very well could be your formula. She also may have a touch of a protein allergy. That is one of the signs. Keep an eye on her stool, as if you see any strange coloring (pink, orange, coral or red) call her ped. This will def indicate an allergy. OR a rash around her mouth can as well. I would talk to your baby's doc about changing her formula. This could greatly help. Good luck!;)

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