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Okay. DS (I just tell everyone this everytime, and I realize most of you all know this!;) ) is almost 4 months old (2 months adj). I noticed this morning that he was a little "warmer" than usual. But not hot. I used the "kissing forehead" technique, and he felt fine. But warm to the touch with my hand. So, I let it go until tonight. I noticed he was warm again. Fine most of the day. But just warmer than normal, did the kiss test again, fine. However, something told me to take his temp. Okay, so it was 100.1 and then ranged from 100.3 down to 99.9 over the course of an hour. I didn't panic, but then realized that I wasn't sure how serious to consider it, being a preemie and all. So, I call my doc. I hate doing that at night. She was great and told me that he doesn't really have what they consider a fever, not until it is 101. So, that eased my mind a little. Plus he seems fine other wise. She then asked me if he was teething. I laughed b/c he is technically only 2 months old. She then asked if he was chewing fists, fussy, (typical teething signs). I then realized that he was! I am in awe! And a little thankful that I am no longer nursing, LOL! She gave me his weight corrected dose of Tylenol, and I have given it to him. Hoping to ease the discomfort. My DD (now 3 1/2) was horrible during the teething stage. I was just wondering if any other moms had early teethers, and if so, when did they actually get teeth. DD started at 4 months and got them at 7. Is is possible that his body is thinking he really is 4 months or something. I am just so confused with the whole preemie thing and just don't know what to expect! :confused:

For those who read my other posts about his rash, it is now completely and totally gone. I just make sure I use Desitin or Bag Balm at every diaper change to prevent future rashes. I think he has had his share for his baby hood. LOL!;)
My son was 3 months when he started teething. It took a month for them to actually break through but he defintely started at 3 months. Two months does seem young but it is possible. It sucks when they start teething so early. Aden is 8 and a half months and he's getting four top teeth all at once. Babies this young shouldn't be dealing with pain!!! :(
My son was born about as early as yours. I found that everything went right on track for his age, not adj age. He got teeth, crawled, and so on right along with his cousin who was born full term. My 4 month old is teething and has been now for about a month and a half. She gets the fevers and has got serious congestion.

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